Entry Requirements

  • Age 15 and above
  • Able to write, read and calculate
  • PMR/SPM/Any Equivalent with same Field qualification

Course Schedule

Pastry Production
– 18 months (Package for Level 2 & 3), includes internship

Time: 9.00 am to 5.00pm (Theory and Practical)

Payment Methods

Cash, Credit Card, Bank in


The Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) are aligned with the National Occupational Skills Standards(NOSS) set by Jabatan Kemahiran (JPK) under the Ministry of Human Resources and are recognized by the Malaysian Government. The program is constructed as follows:

SKM Level 2

This course covers a range of basic and intermediate principles, skills and techniques used by the Commis or a Chef. Each lesson will help you learn the basic terminology, the basic kitchen equipment needed to help you on your way, how to read a recipe, how to convert recipe written in the metric system and so forth. Everyone can cook, but indeed you need to learn the basic skills to Master the trade.

SKM Level 3

This qualification is designed for individuals in training or already employed in the catering industry, including those with supervisory responsibilities. It develops the knowledge and skills required to operate effectively in the food preparation sector and provide a sound platform from which to progress to employment, higher education and management level roles.

Pastry Production

HT-014 -2: 2011/HT- 014 – 3: 2011

  • Safety, Health and Hygiene Practices
  • Batter and Dough Preparation
  • Filling and Creams Preparation
  • Pudding Preparation
  • Cookies Preparation
  • Malaysian Desserts and Kuih Preparation
  • Cakes Preparation
  • Pastry Product and Material Handling
  • Pastry Product Sales & Marketing
  • Soft and Hard Roll Preparation
  • Confectionary Preparation
  • Frozen Dessert Items Preparation
  • Confectionary Preparation
  • Frozen Dessert Items Preparation
  • Chocolate Product Preparation
  • Special Pastry Product Decoration
  • Pastry Product Innovation
  • Pastry Product Stock Control
  • Pastry Production Control
  • Pastry Administrative Functions
  • Pastry Product Costing

Pastry Production
– 18 months (Package for Level 2 & 3), includes internship

Time: 9.00 am to 5.00pm (Theory and Practical)

Elective Subject

  • Basic Kitchen Equipment Management Maintenance
  • Basic Stewarding
  • Basic Butchery
  • Basic Cost Control

At the end of the course:

Our students will be exposed real industry practices as part of their 6-month internship, where they will put their skills to the test, thereby giving them knowledge and experience required either in a bakery or pastry retail outlet, restaurants, hotels, catering kitchens or other culinary enterprises.

Education Pathway

Skills Malaysia Invite Program (JPK International)

Butter & Olive College has developed SKM Courses specifically designed to train and equip students with basic skills needed in the hospitality industry.


  • Qualification are recognised by the Malaysian Government and International Certification Bodies
  • Trainings are conducted at Butter & Olive College DSD Accredited centre with well – equipped facilities
  • Training curriculum based on National Occupational Skills Standard (NOSS) designed by Industrial experts.
  • Skills Malaysia INVITE programme has strong links and relationships with industry partners.

Admission Flowchart

Note: Only successful applicants will be accepted to study at Butter & Olive College and it is subjected to approval of student pass by Malaysia Immigration Department

*Subjected to EMGS requirement