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  • F&B 6 Months
  • Housekeeping 6 Months
  • Front-office 6 Months


Certificate in Housekeeping Management

Course Schedule

Duration: 6 months

Efficiently managed housekeeping departments ensure the cleanliness, maintenance, and aesthetic appeal of lodging properties. The tasks performed by a housekeeping department are critical to the smooth daily operation of any hotel. The housekeeping employees are assigned to clean public spaces, back-of-of-the house area, meeting rooms, banquet rooms, and the other housekeeping employees work in the hotel’s linen and laundry rooms. Housekeeping departments are responsible for cleaning the following areas:


Course Objectives

  • Understand Room division operations
  • Industry based training in Housekeeping Management.
  • To cultivate into participants hospitality service culture
  • Overview of the housekeeping department and its importance
  • Tutelage knowledge and understanding of the various segments of housekeeping and the challenges of its operations
  • Procedures in guestroom cleaning and products
  • Procedures of maintenance cleaning in other areas of the Hotel
  • To help improve and support the current shortage of skilled workforce

Course Contents

Module 1:        Introduction to Hotel Industry

Module 2:        Customer service

Module 3:        Work Safely / Provide Safety & Security for Guests

Module 4:        Service & Clean Guest Rooms

Module 5:        Carry Out Cleaning of Public Areas & Maintain Displays

Module 6:        Provide Laundry Valet Services

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the roles of housekeeping in hospitality industry
  • Handle inventories
  • Handle an on-premise laundry
  • Handle guestroom systematic cleaning
  • Handle public areas and wellbeing of property/Up-keep carpets and floors
  • Ensure walls, furniture and ceiling are in good condition