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  • F&B 6 Months
  • Housekeeping 6 Months
  • Front-office 6 Months


Certificate in F&B Services

Course Schedule

Duration: 6 months

Course Objectives

  • To coach participants through competent Industry based training in F&B Services
  • To have participants attain that wealth of knowledge and be employable  Globally
  • To cultivate into participants hospitality service culture
  • To tutelage knowledge of F&B products
  • To provide ground level skills needed in F&B sector of the Hospitality industry
  • To encourage and instill a range of essential qualities and personal attributes
  • To help improve and support the current shortage of skilled workforce
  • To instill in participants the ‘savoir-faire’ ability through the challenges of the industry

Course Content

Module 1         Introduction

Module 2         Service Skills

Module 3         Knowing Your Products

Module 4         Food and Beverage Service

Module 5         Food Safety Requirements

Module 6         Site and Safety Hazards

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the roles of  F & B  in hospitality industry
  • Differentiate various types of food service equipment
  • Understanding the menu terminology and industry jargon
  • Perform basic F & B operation
  • Have the F & B reservation acumen
  • Capability to perform guest service function